Your money, your budget, your way!

Straightforward, Private and Secure Budgeting and Expense Tracking

Our Mission

I have been building and using BudgetMyWay for over 14 years. Using BudgetMyWay I am able to track and manage my personal finances, expenses and budgets. BudgetMyWay is all about intentional spending.

It all started with a spreadsheet, as that grew more and more complicated I thought it would be more useful as a web application. So I built it. BudgetMyWay still exists mostly as a glorified spreadsheet. Data is structured simply and UIs are simple.

My goal by sharing BudgetMyWay is to empower you to track your expenses in a simple, fast and meaningful way. So please create an account and try it out!

If you try BudgetMyWay and it does not meet your needs I would love to hear why.


It is your data. Download or delete at any time. BudgetMyWay will only ever access your account to help you with a problem or fix a software bug. We log all access to all accounts by IP address, so we can always verify that no unauthorized access has happened for as long as the logs are kept.

Zero 3rd party tracking in app.

Billing information

When you pay for BudgetMyWay, we ask for your credit card. This is so we can charge you for service. Your credit card is passed directly to Stripe, a third party payment processor. Your payment will be processed by Stripe.