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Our Mission

I have been building and using BudgetMyWay for over 10 years. Using BudgetMyWay I am able to track and manage my personal finances, expenses and budgets. BudgetMyWay is all about intentional spending.

It all started with a spreadsheet, as that grew more and more complicated I thought it would be more useful as a web application. So I built it. BudgetMyWay still exists mostly as a glorified spreadsheet. Data is structured simply and UIs are simple.

My goal by sharing BudgetMyWay is to empower you to track your expenses in a simple, fast and meaningful way. So please create an account and try it out for 1 year on me.

If you try BudgetMyWay and it does not meet your needs I would love to hear why.


Zero 3rd party tracking in app. We do analyze our server logs from time to time.